·         2012年全球音樂產業整體收入增加0.2%,這是自1999年以來首次成長。IFPI國際總會統計所有的收入來源(實體、數位、表演權和同步收入),除了實體銷售以外,其他收入皆呈現上升。共有22個國家的音樂市場的成長,其中包括9個前20名市場。

·         全球前20市場報表顯示,美國仍然是世界上最大的音樂市場,瑞典因為數位銷售的成功而使該國成為世界第12大音樂市場(較2011年進步2名),印度也有進步。

·         數位通路已整體產業收入的35%,而實體銷售占57%。下載仍然是最大的數位收入來源,2012年合計單曲和專輯的下載銷售成長11%。

·         音樂訂閱服務快速增長,音樂訂閱和廣告支持的串流服務目前全球數位收入的20%,2011年為14%。合計訂閱和廣告支持的收入目前歐洲所有的數位音樂收入近三分之一(31%)。

·         新興市場有助於推動產業的復甦,巴西、印度和墨西哥自2008年以來,已經看到了市場的增長分別為24%、42%和17%。 2012年在印度的收入達到了歷史高點,而拉丁美洲在今年是增長最快的地區。

·         專輯仍然保有其吸引力,音樂的銷售的56%。數位專輯下載的增長速度比單曲和黑膠銷量於1997年以來創下的最高點還要更快。從串流服務的消費者使用行為來看,專輯型式仍然十分相關,許多今年最暢銷專輯的所有曲目產生了大量的收聽率。

·         音樂授權的收入來源也呈上升趨勢。表演權收入(公播和公演)是唱片業在2012年增長最快的部份,音樂收入的6%。全球收入增長9.4%,至9.43億美元。同步交易 - 用於電視廣告、電影和品牌合作的音樂 - 收入也分別上漲。這些在2012年增長2.1%至3.37億美元。








London, 8th April 2013 – The rise of music subscription services and the promising growth of emerging markets are among key highlights of IFPI’s Recording Industry in Numbers 2013, the essential statistical analysis of the recorded music market worldwide.


Published today by IFPI, Recording Industry in Numbers (RIN) provides a comprehensive picture of the key trends in today’s global music business, with in-depth statistics and analysis covering 49 markets worldwide.  The report is simultaneously available digitally today in English, Spanish and Mandarin.


Introducing this year’s RIN, IFPI CEO Frances Moore says:  “This is a must-read publication for anyone following the global music industry. It is packed with the latest data and analysis, broken down by formats, revenue streams, regions and countries. 


Recording Industry in Numbers also reveals the sheer diversity of the modern music business. Notable highlights in this year’s edition are the increasing role of subscription services and the growing importance of emerging markets in driving the industry’s recovery.”


Among the finalised industry data published in this year’s edition:


·       Overall global recorded music trade revenues increased by 0.2% in 2012, the first year of growth since 1999.  All the revenue streams IFPI tracks (physical, digital, performance rights and synchronisation revenues), with the exception of physical sales, increased in 2012. A total of 22 countries saw market growth in 2012, including nine of the top 20 markets.


·       The world’s top 20 markets table shows that the US remains the world’s largest music market; digital sales success in Sweden has made that country the world’s 12th largest music market (up two places on 2011); India has also moved up the rankings.



·       Digital channels now account for 35% of overall industry trade revenues, while physical sales now represent 57% of record companies’ income. Downloads remain the biggest source of digital revenues, with combined unit sales of track and album downloads up by 11% in 2012.


·       Music subscription services are seeing rapid growth.  Music subscription and ad-supported streaming services now account for 20% of digital revenues globally, up from 14% in 2011. Subscription and ad-supported revenues combined now account for almost one third (31%) of all digital music revenues in Europe.


·       Emerging markets are helping fuel the industry’s recovery. Brazil, India and Mexico have seen market growth respectively of 24%, 42% and 17% since 2008. In 2012 revenues in India reached an all-time high while Latin America was the fastest growing region of the year.


·       Albums continue to hold their appeal, accounting for 56% of recorded music sales value.  Digital album downloads grew faster than singles and vinyl sales hit their highest point since 1997. Consumer usage on streaming services shows that the album format remains very relevant. Many of the year’s best-selling albums generated a large streaming volume across all tracks included on the album.


·       Sources of music licensing income are also on the rise. Performance rights revenues (from broadcasts and public performance) were the fastest growing sector in the recording industry in 2012, accounting for 6 per cent of recorded music revenues.  Revenues grew by 9.4% globally, to US$943 million. Income from synchronisation deals – music used in TV adverts, films and brand partnerships – were also up. These grew by 2.1% to US$337 million in 2012.


The report also features:


·         Global 2008-2012 trade revenue figures

·         Historic global sales trends

·         Regional overviews

·         Consumer research insights from Ipsos MediaCT

·         Analysis of key industry trends, with quotes from leading industry executives

·         Exclusive analysis from Spotify about album consumption in a streaming environment

·         Bestsellers of 2012

·         IFPI Platinum Europe Award winners

·         Detailed analysis of 49 music markets, covering developments in physical, digital, performance rights and synchronisation revenues


Recording Industry in Numbers 2013 can be purchased from IFPI’s website.  Full details of packages and prices can be found here.

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Tel.  +44 (0)20 7878 7939 / 7940


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IFPI is the organisation that promotes the interests of the international recording industry worldwide. Its membership comprises some 1,400 major and independent companies in more than 64 countries. It also has affiliated industry national groups in 55 countries. IFPI’s mission is to promote the value of recorded music, safeguard the rights of record producers and expand the commercial uses of recorded music in all markets where its members operate.