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IFPI 發布2022年音樂使用報告



IFPI releases Engaging with Music 2022 Report
IFPI 發布2022年音樂使用報告

17th November 2022 – IFPI, representing the recording industry worldwide, today released Engaging with Music 2022, a global report on how people around the world enjoy and engage with music. Based on the responses of more than 44,000 people in 22 countries, the report is based on the largest music study of its kind.

Highlights of the 2022 report include:

• Average weekly time listening to music grows to 20.1 hours. Music fans are listening to more music today than ever before, spending on average 20.1 hours listening to music weekly (up from 18.4 hours in 2021).
• 平均每週聽音樂的時間增加到20.1小時。現在樂迷聽音樂的時間比以往任何時候都多,平均每週聽音樂的時間為20.1小時(高於2021年的18.4小時)。

• More than 45% of fans choose paid subscription services – 46% of respondents use subscription audio streaming services, which offer uninterrupted and on-demand access to millions of licensed tracks.
• 超過 45% 的樂迷選擇付費訂閱服務 – 46%的受訪者使用訂閱音樂串流服務,有源源不斷的數百萬首授權歌曲可供的點選。

• Music is integral to people’s mental and physical wellbeing – Music continues to play a vital role supporting both mental health and physical activity. 69% of people say music is important to their mental health and 69% say that music is important when they exercise.

• 音樂對人們的身心健康不可或缺——音樂繼續在支持心理健康和身體活動方面發揮重要作用。69%的人說音樂對他們的心理健康很重要,69%的人說音樂對他們運動時很重要。

• There are more ways than ever for people to engage with music today – More than three-quarters of those surveyed enjoy music in multiple formats. On average, people across the globe use more than six different methods to engage with music – ranging from video and audio streaming to terrestrial radio, television, film, gaming, creating short-form videos and much more.
• 今天人們接觸音樂的方式比以往任何時候都多——超過四分之三的受訪者喜歡多種格式的音樂。平均而言,全球各地的人們使用超過六種不同的方式來接觸音樂——從影片和音樂串流到廣播、電視、電影、遊戲、製作短影片等等。

• Music is central to people’s engagement with short form video apps – 63% of all time spent on short-form video apps are on videos where music plays a central role.
• 音樂是人們參與短影片應用程式的核心——在短影片應用程式上所花的時間中,63%是以音樂為主的影片。

• People listen to diverse range of music genres – Alongside popular genres such as Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop, more than 500 different genres were identified by at least one respondent – including Sertanejo, Samba, Disco-Polo and Dangdut – contributing to a rich mixture of local and global music available to music fans across the globe.
• 人們聽的音樂類型包羅萬象——除了嘻哈、搖滾和流行音樂等主流類型外,至少一名受訪者還指出了500多種不同類型的音樂——包括Sertanejo、Samba、Disco-Polo 和Dangdut——促成了為全球音樂愛好者提供豐富的本地和全球音樂組合。

• Music remains key reason listeners tune into radio – The enduring popularity of radio continues, with 73% of respondents saying that they listen to radio primarily for music.
• 音樂仍然是聽眾收聽廣播的主要原因——廣播持續流行,73%的受訪者表示他們收聽廣播主要是為了聽音樂。

• Unauthorised access to unlicensed music remains threat to music ecosystems – Almost one in three respondents (30%) used unauthorised or unlicensed methods to listen to or download music.
• 未授權的音樂仍然對音樂生態系統構成威脅——幾乎三分之一的受訪者(30%)使用未經授權或未經許可的方法來收聽或下載音樂。
Frances Moore, IFPI Chief Executive, said: “This year’s Engaging with Music report paints a fascinating picture of how fans around the globe listen and engage with music today. It shows the results of record companies’ partnership with artists and their work to harness new technologies to connect fans with their favourite tracks in even more ways.
IFPI國際總會總裁Frances Moore表示:「今年的《音樂使用報告》描繪了一幅迷人的景象,展現當今世界各地的歌迷如何聆聽和參與音樂,也展現了唱片公司與藝人合作的成果,利用新科技提供更多管道讓樂迷接觸到他們喜愛的歌曲。

“We continue our work to ensure that those seeking to profit from unlicensed and unauthorised music can’t threaten the vibrancy of a music ecosystem that is essential to artists and fans. Engaging with Music 2022 serves as a healthy and celebratory reminder of the true global importance and value of music and the need to protect and support it.”



Notes to editors:

The report also contains dedicated country reports that offer a deeper look at the way people are engaging with music in China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria.


Data is based on fieldwork conducted in June and July 2022 across 22 countries and gathered the views of over 44,000 respondents aged between 16-64. Panels were nationally representative in each country.
此報告是根據2022年6月至7月在22個國家/地區進行的實地調查所得數據,收集了44,000多名年齡介於16-64歲的受訪者的觀點。 採樣在每個國家都具有全國代表性。



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