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IFPI Global Campaign Highlights 2021

IFPI 2021年重點推動項目

1. Driving the growth of performance rights revenues in Asia

A key priority for IFPI is ensuring revenue is returned for the use of music in broadcast and public performance. This year, we have made significant progress in Asia.

Collection of performance rights revenue begins in China for the first time

A milestone was reached in China this year when revenue collections began for the public performance rights implemented in June 2021.

These rights were achieved following a sustained 14-year lobbying campaign, headed up by IFPI’s Beijing Office, and involving extensive company support, which led to the passing of the Chinese Copyright Amendment Bill in November 2020.

Public performance and broadcast rights introduced in Singapore

IFPI lobbied for over a decade for public performance and broadcasting rights in Singapore. Both rights were established this year, following the EU-Singapore FTA, when the Singapore government passed the Singapore Copyright Act, once again providing the recording industry with an important source of revenue which, until now, had been absent.

MRSS, the local music licensing company, is gearing up to start collections once the rights enter into force in January 2022. It projects revenue will almost treble, growing from €1.2 million in 2021 to €3.5 million in2022.

1. 提升亞洲的表演權收入
2021 年 6 月開始實施的表演權收費,是今年中國達成的一個里程碑。

2. New offices expand IFPI’s global reach for the benefit of our members

To reflect the ambitions of our members, IFPI grew its global footprint to improve the business environments in which you operate.

Growing a flourishing music market in MENA with opening of a new regional office

In November, IFPI announced the opening of its first regional office in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), demonstrating the opportunity we see in the region. Based in Abu Dhabi, the office is headed by the newly appointed Regional Director, Rawan Al Dabbas, whose legal and policy experience positions her perfectly to help strengthen the music community there.

IFPI will use the new office to build on its relationships in the region. Top priority will be gaining an operating licence for the UAE so that the industry can start to monetise public performance and broadcast rights. It will serve as an example for other GCC countries by improving the collection of industry data and the setting up of charts.

Extending our reach in Asia with a presence in Vietnam

This year, we gained the Vietnamese government’s approval to set up a Foreign Direct Investment company (FDI) office in Hanoi. A presence there will help us keep pace with local developments in what is a diverse and fast-growing music market, and we will begin to expand our government and industry engagement in the country in the new year.

2. 新設辦公室擴大了IFPI的全球影響力,增進會員的福祉
為了反映會員的雄心壯志,IFPI 擴大了全球足跡,以改善唱片公司的經營環境。
IFPI於11月宣佈在阿布達比開設首個中東和北非(MENA)區域辦公室,展現我們在該區域看到的商機。借助新任命的區域總裁Rawan Al Dabbas的法律和政策經驗來協助強化當地的音樂社群。

3. IFPI’s market intelligence programme more comprehensive than ever

IFPI’s Global Data team has continued to improve the level and sophistication of the market intelligence it provides to member companies.

Driving accuracy in market measurement through our coverage rate improvement programme

This year, we helped improve the coverage rate methodologies in an additional seven markets, ensuring the most robust market data possible and directly supporting the market analysis work of record companies.

Since the start of this IFPI initiative, a total of 23 markets worldwide, covering a significant portion of the global market, have been subject to a step change in the accuracy of market size reporting.

Improving IFPI’s Global Streaming Subscribers’ Reports

As part of our ongoing mission to provide valuable, business-critical data to members, IFPI has transformed the information it collects on global streaming subscriber numbers into a comprehensive report which analyses subscription streaming users and account holders by region, market, DSP, and account type. Combined with IFPI MAP revenue data, this report provides record companies with the most comprehensive and insightful picture of the subscription streaming landscape to date.

3. IFPI 的市場情報規劃比以往更全面

IFPI 的全球數據團隊不斷提高其提供給會員公司的市場情報的水準和精細度。
作為我們向會員提供有價值的關鍵業務數據的持續使命的一部分,IFPI 已將其收集的有關全球串流音樂訂閱者數量的訊息轉化為一份綜合報告,此報告依地區、市場、平台和帳戶類型分析訂閱串流音樂用戶。結合IFPI MAP 收入數據,此份報告為唱片公司提供了目前最全面、最深入的訂閱制串流音樂領域分析。

4. Telling the story of how record companies are shaping the recorded music market with the Global Music Report

In March, IFPI released its Global Music Report 2021, reporting that the global recorded music market grew 7.4% to US$21.6 billion in 2020. Total streaming revenues grew 19.9%, reaching US$13.4 billion, or 62.1% of total global recorded music revenues.

In addition to the revenue data, the wider report tells the story of the work and investment of record companies that helped lay the foundations for a predominantly digital industry that proved its resilience against the extraordinary circumstances of 2020 and how, in such a challenging year, record companies continued to innovate and drive developments in the industry.

The report has helped us shape the media and political narrative around record companies in our worldwide engagement.

4. 《全球音樂報告》闡述唱片公司如何打造唱片市場的故事
IFPI 於3月發布了《2021 年全球音樂報告》,報告指出2020 年全球唱片音樂市場成長7.4%,達到216億美元。串流音樂總收入成長19.9%,達到134億美元,佔全球唱片音樂總收入的62.1%。
除了營收數據外,報告中還大篇幅地道出了唱片公司的工作和投資的故事,奠定了數位音樂產業的基礎,並展現在 2020 年這個特殊情況下的韌性,同時闡述唱片公司如何在此充滿挑戰的一年中不斷創新,推動產業發展。

5. IFPI conducts largest music-focused study of its kind

IFPI’s Music Consumer Survey, the largest music-focused study of its kind in the world, returned in 2021. The survey ran in 21 countries and gathered the views of 43,000 respondents, including on key areas of interest to members such as engagement with streaming, the use of newer formats such as short form video, and unlicensed use of music.

This research provides our member companies with invaluable insight and a wealth of data on changing trends in music consumption around the world.

5. IFPI進行最大型的聚焦音樂之研究
IFPI的2021年音樂消費者調查是世界上聚焦音樂最大型的研究,該調查在 21個國家/地區進行,收集了43,000名受訪者的觀點,包括會員唱片公司感興趣的主要領域,例如串流音樂、使用較新的格式,例如短視頻,以及未經許可使用音樂。

6. Continued success in the global campaign to tackle streaming manipulation

IFPI continued to lead its global campaign on the issue of streaming manipulation in 2021, tackling services that create artificial ‘plays’ that do not represent legitimate consumption on digital music services and that divert revenue away from artists and right holders.

Taking action in Brazil

In a win for the biggest music market in Latin America, Brazilian National Group, Pro-Música Brasil, announced actions in July that affected more than 65 streaming manipulation services, including 10 sites that shut down and 20 sites that ceased to offer the activity. An additional 35 listings for music streaming manipulation services were removed from the online market place Mercado Livre.

Further success in Germany, the third largest streaming market

In January, IFPI and its German National Group, BVMI, secured an injunction against the Germany-based operator of likeservice24.de, a widely used website engaged in illicit music streaming manipulation services, preventing the operator from offering artificial ‘plays’ or ‘views’ of streams on digital service providers as well as fake ‘comments,’ ‘likes’ and ‘subscribers’ in connection with music content. IFPI and BVMI followed up with further successful cases against six more streaming manipulation services based in Germany.

6. 在全球打擊操縱串流行動上繼續取得成功
在拉丁美洲最大的音樂市場獲得勝利,IFPI巴西辦公室Pro-Música Brasil在7月宣布了影響超過65個操縱串流服務的行動,包括關閉10個網站和停止20 個提供活動的網站。從線上市場Mercado Livre中刪除了另外35個操縱串流服務列表。
今年 1 月,IFPI及其德國辦公室BVMI取得了對德國一個從事非法操縱串流服務的likeservice24.de的禁制令,阻止運營商提供人為的“播放”或“觀看”數位平台的串流媒體以及與音樂內容相關的虛假“評論”、“喜歡”和“訂閱者”。IFPI和BVMI進一步針對德國的另外六家操縱串流服務的成功案例。

7. Powering accurate and efficient performance rights distributions worldwide with RDx and SoundSys
IFPI continued its work to improve the accuracy and efficiency with which performance rights payments are processed for record companies around the world.

RDx – improving revenue distributions to rightholders

RDx, the project led by IFPI in collaboration with the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), is the first-ever system to enable record companies to exchange authoritative data with music licensing companies (MLCs) through a single, centralised hub. The system, now in its second year, is improving the timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency of MLCs’ revenue distributions to rights holders worldwide. To date, over two and a half million pieces of repertoire data have been processed by the system.

SoundSys – rolling out revenue distribution software

This year we extended the roll-out of SoundSys, a cloud-based, cost-effective, back-office distribution system for revenue collections. Developed and launched last year in Asia, IFPI has now rolled out the low-cost, high-performance, scalable software to MLCs in Latin America. Alongside this, IFPI also supports other “off the shelf” distribution systems that meet the agreed IFPI standards for MLCs. IFPI will continue to promote the use of SoundSys and other existing systems to ensure industry MLCs do not invest in development of costly new bespoke systems locally.

7. 運用RDx和SoundSys讓強化全球的公演權利金分配的效率及準確度
IFPI 持續致力於提高世界各地唱片公司處理公演權收費的準確性和效率。

RDx – 改善對權利人收入的分配
SoundSys – 推出權利金分配軟體

8. Campaigning to strengthen the accountability of online platforms globally

IFPI continued its efforts to strengthen record companies’ ability to license and enforce their rights effectively online, including on user upload content platforms.

EU campaign on the Digital Services Act provides yet another opportunity to strengthen accountability of online platforms

IFPI is actively engaged with a piece of European legislation, the Digital Services Act, which is intended to strengthen the accountability of online platforms. The legislation will regulate the obligations and responsibilities of online intermediaries that are eligible for the EU ISP liability safe harbours and do not fall under the scope of the DSM Copyright Directive.

European Court ruling demonstrates importance of DSM Copyright Directive

In June, the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the landmark YouTube/Cyando case found in YouTube’s favour and proved the difficultly of establishing the primarily liability of online platforms.

The case relates to a time prior to the passing of the DSM Copyright Directive, which IFPI was instrumental in campaigning for, and confirmed how important the Directive – particularly Article 17 – is in bringing clarity regarding the copyright liability of online content sharing service providers across 27 Member States.

IFPI is supporting efforts to defend the world’s first “stay down” law in Mexico

The world’s first law to expressly recognise “stay down” (where a platform must keep infringing content off its service) as a condition for copyright safe harbour protection has been challenged before the Supreme Court in Mexico.

IFPI has been working hard, together with our Mexican National Group AMPROFON, to defend the law by organising international support and working with AMPROFON on a “friend of the court” brief to the Supreme Court.

8. 展開加強網路平台責任地全球行動
該案件是在DSM著作權指令通過之前,IFPI在推動該指令發揮了重要作用,並證實了該指令 - 特別是第 17 條 – 對於確立跨足27 個成員國的網路內容分享服務提供者之著作權責任上重要性。
IFPI 支持在墨西哥捍衛世界上第一部“保持關閉”法律的努力

IFPI一直與墨西哥辦公室AMPROFON共同戮力藉由國際聲援以及與 AMPROFON合作向最高法院提交“法院之友”案情摘要,來捍衛該項法律。

9. New framework facilitates consistent inclusion of YouTube consumption in charts worldwide
IFPI has worked with National Groups and member companies to develop a music charts framework that facilitates the inclusion of YouTube streams in national charts in a globally consistent way.

The framework includes guidelines around content eligibility and aligns on the detail and granularity YouTube is required to provide to all charts compilers.

Enabled by the framework, an initial eight markets will begin to include eligible YouTube consumption in their charts from January 2022, with further markets to follow later in the year.

9. 新架構促進了YouTube全球排行榜的一致性
IFPI 與各地辦公室和會員公司合作開發了一個唱片排行榜架構,促進全球以一致的方式將YouTube串流包含在各國排行榜中。

10. Demonstrating the value of music to commercial radio through research
A key policy goal for IFPI is ensuring that music’s value to commercial radio is properly recognised, as it directly affects the revenue returned to record companies.

To support this, IFPI’s Insight team conducted a dedicated and successful pilot project in the UK that clearly showed the primacy of music in the listener’s decision to tune in to radio and in the choice of a specificstation. The data is now a key part of the Licensing team’s radio tool kit and relied upon as National Groups and MLCs negotiate with broadcasters.

10. 研究指出商業廣播展現了音樂的價值
為了支持這一點,IFPI 的分析團隊在英國開展了一個專門且成功的試驗計劃,該計畫清楚地顯示了音樂是聽眾選擇收聽廣播和鎖定特定電台的重要因素。該調查數據現在是授權團隊關於電台授權工作指南的重要內容,且受各地區MLC與廣播公司談判時所倚重。

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